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Yes... Finally the Materispot redesign process has been completed 😃. About two weeks I left the time to scratch this one Blogspot template. After almost a year I release for free, now Materispot already stepped on version 2 with a variety of changes and improvements 😊.
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The view has me a total destroy to be nice to see and more simple. In addition to display, performance has also been improved. Some of the less important scripts I eliminated to improve access speed. The code layout has also been improved for SEO needs and HTML validity & CSS. Some new features are also added, one of them is a more responsive menu than before.

Materispot v2, Material Design Blogspot Template

Features of Materispot v2

Material Design
Responsive display
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Dynamic Heading
High access speed
Valid HTML & CSS
Support for SSL/HTTPS
Related Posts
AD Location Optimized
And so forth

Demo | Download

Materispot v2 I share for free, friends can download it just by helping share on Facebook 😚. It would be nice if friends did not eliminate the credit link in the footer 😭.
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